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Buth Kuddeh, roughly meaning rice shop in Sinhala, a place where you can get a cheap, good, rice and curry meal in any Sri Lankan town. Think of this site as your virtual buth kuddeh. Feed your head and soul with recipes, info on ingredients, equipment for stocking the committed Sri Lankan kitchen, notes on the history of Sri Lankan cuisine and stories of my Sri Lankan foodlife.


The Recipe Book of Ada de la Harpe

Ada Henrietta Ferdinands, my grandmother, was born in 1883, the sixth of the fourteen children of Frederick William Ferdinands and Henrietta Jansz, a Sri Lankan Dutch Burgher. Dutch Burghers are the descendants of employees of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) who chose to remain in Sri Lanka when the British took over government of the country. This is a facsimile of my much treasured copy of her recipe book.